Saturday, July 11, 2009

Camp Nomady


Sunday July 5th we got to spend all day with Bernard...only thing was we couldn't leave the camp! The kids were bored especially Roxy she played with rocks and grass lol. D.J. wrestled with his dad Roxy decided to help D.J. not much success there! This sunday we get to go see Bernard one more time before he graduates and this time they are letting the soldiers get out of camp Normady to main post so we'll have stuff to do.
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A few minutes before the fireworks began and Bernard had to head back to camp.
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In Grafenwoehr

The kids and I had the opportunity to go visit Bernard out in Grafenwoehr about 1.5 hours away from Ansbach. He will graduate from WLC on 23 July 2009. Let me just say for it being the first time driving on the autobahn (freeway) out here it was a bit scary! The people are going like nearly 150-200 miles an hour zooming next to me!  I drove at about 120K which is about 80 mph and varied. We got there July 4th to celebrate our son's birthday and the events going on that day on post. The kids had a blast Roxy even got up on stage and was shaking it!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

D.J. did good taking the pic ♥ =)


Outside on of the shops they sell a whole bunch of mid evil stuff in most shops.

Not one of our greatest pics...Bernard got slightly cut off, D.J. and Trixy aren't even looking at the camera and Roxy had just finished crying so she's not happy!!

Many of the homes out here in Germany have flower beds right out their windows, it's beautiful!!

The kiddos in the was a beautiful day...usually cloudy and rainy out in Germany.

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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Puppies, puppies, puppies...

Trixy had her pups about 4 weeks ago. She had 4 and there lived there are 2 boys and 1 girl. It's cute because we can see their personalities at this time. The littlest the runt is very reserved and calm. The other boy makes a lot of grunts, the little girl is very active like her mom. She was the first one to start walking too, she is also the chunkiest!!

A very tired Trixy

puppies at 3 weeks


It's been awhile! We have been in Germany for almost 2 months now. Our household good stuff is still not here!! Hopefully within the next week or so. Germany is very beautiful very green, reminds me a lot of home. People here are friendly for the most part they sometimes just start talking to you in German so I have to say Ich spreche kein Deutsch. There are a few words they teach D.J. in school too he sometimes wakes up and says guten morgen (good morning). Roxy's favorite is Tschüs! (the casual way of saying goodbye) and she loves to say Danke (thank you)when ever we go out in the economy. Speaking of the economy it's not cheap!! There are a lot of military bases out here I know it's more than 8 but I've been to two other ones they are the same just bigger. We plan on doing some traveling soon! I can't wait to see the rest of Europe, there are places we've been told to avoid which is a good thing to know. There's a ton of history here we plan on visiting a few places that have made history, all the post that are now American including this one have a lot of history because they were once the German military post's....a few places have been said to be haunted!!

A fest we attending out in Nurmberg, Germany.

At the zoo in Nurmberg, Germany (Tiergarten)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Having fun play "what if"

Mom and the grandkids

Me and the kiddos w/ sweet Ava

Maricela with sweet Ava ♥

Last but not least Utah!!
Roxy and Lexy Dancing the night away w/ Bernard's cousin

Next stop Phoenix Arizona
The kids chillin outside w/ Trixy

Father and son...trying to get along...

Roxy making tamales!mmmmmm

Mami Rosa and Papi Felix (Bernard's grandparents)
D.J. and Roxy waking up somewhere in Texas filling up! It was a long fun, tiring trip!!

Well this is it, we are leaving to Germany March 3, 2009!! There's a mix of emotions going on right now. We took the month of February to visit with family before we leave the states. We love and miss everyone ♥ . Our trip started out in Uvalde Texas

Saturday, January 3, 2009

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Me and Anna @ Ikea having fun! I love this store to much variety and the models of the rooms are awesome to look at.

They like to rock out in Rock Band @ the Rodriquez's

Me aka as, Stephanie I think she was a godess, and Anna aka puppet. We had a great Halloween this year we decided to take the kids to the Officer houses, Trixy went to and she received a dog bone it was funny!

Roxy seemed to be ready for the new year....but she passed out 20 before!!

Happy 2009!We had a great New Year, we celebrated with some friends Srgt.Rudy, Betty, Amy and Srgt. Medina.