Sunday, March 1, 2009

Having fun play "what if"

Mom and the grandkids

Me and the kiddos w/ sweet Ava

Maricela with sweet Ava ♥

Last but not least Utah!!
Roxy and Lexy Dancing the night away w/ Bernard's cousin

Next stop Phoenix Arizona
The kids chillin outside w/ Trixy

Father and son...trying to get along...

Roxy making tamales!mmmmmm

Mami Rosa and Papi Felix (Bernard's grandparents)
D.J. and Roxy waking up somewhere in Texas filling up! It was a long fun, tiring trip!!

Well this is it, we are leaving to Germany March 3, 2009!! There's a mix of emotions going on right now. We took the month of February to visit with family before we leave the states. We love and miss everyone ♥ . Our trip started out in Uvalde Texas