Sunday, February 21, 2010

These are some pics before Bernard deployed the one where he is outside was while he was in the field training for a bit over a month. The other three are when we had a two hours with him beofore he left on Dec 15,2009. This deployment has gone pretty quick for me already 2 months down =). A few more months and hopefully he'll make it for the baby's birth!
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  1. I LOVE how Roxy is always striking a pose! If her and Ava ever got together they'd be called double trouble and they would be heartbreakers too. Norma tells me how Ava likes to stare at boys..ALOT!! I'm proud of my baby DJ...I know he's not a baby anymore but he'll always be my baby boy :). Next time to you talk to Bernie tell him hola from Tony and I and let him know that we always pray for his safety and safe return home. LOVE YOU!!!